Postulación a Postdoctorado en PUCV

Jueves 13 de Febrero de 2020
Postulación a Postdoctorado en PUCV

Postdoctoral Position in Chile at PUCV

Grant period: 1-2 years, renewable for 3 years (Postdoctoral Fondecyt application)

Financing: PUCV (Chile) Average Salary: $1.200.000 (CLP, Chilean pesos)

Application Period: December 2019 – March 1st 2020; Start date: April 1 st 2020

Requirements: Applicants must have a Ph.D in Agronomic, Food Engineering, Analytical Chemistry or related discipline. Desirable is to have knowledge of Biochemistry, Food Chemistry, Plant Science, Food Technology or equivalent and a research focus on preharvest or production issues that affects further food processing steps. A strong analytical background in techniques related to mass spectrometry is desirable. Experience in high throughput approaches such as different omics, biochemical analysis, non-destructive phenotyping and data integration are very welcome.

The post-doctoral candidate is expected to write a Fondecyt Postdoctoral Grant Application (July-August 2020) at Conicyt on the topic with support of the Group of Postharvest Physiology &Technology of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. If granted, the candidate is expected to write at least one scientific publication in high impact factor journal.

Research topic: “Initial quality” trait predictors in agro-food chains to mitigate acrylamide and furan formation during frying of “Chiloe” potatoes.

This research will combine the use of GC-MS/LC-MS/MS metabolomics to analyse the impact of “initial quality” on acrylamide and furan formation during frying processing of potatoes. Besides, we will use non-destructive phenotyping techniques such as computer vision, Xrays, etc. in order to predict accurately the formation of the acrylamide and furan based on the surface colour and textural characteristics of the fried potato pieces.

If interested, please contact Dr. Romina Pedreschi at or Dr. Franco Pedreschi at and send your CV by January, 2020.

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